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Anti Aging Skin Treatment: Collagen and Peptides

Protecting your skin from outside factors by wearing sunscreen and developing a healthier lifestyle can helps, but time marches on no matter what you do. Consequently, whatever anti aging technique or strategy you use must suit your own skin issues, choosing the one that best address your own skin rejuvenation necessities.

If your skin stops producing collagen, this contributes to skin strength and elasticity. Degradation of skin leads to wrinkles that accompany aging. Though many skin care products tout the fact that they contain collagen, the fact is that collagen is too large to be assimilated directly through the skin.

Collagen is a fibrous protein occurring in bone, cartilage and connective tissue. It’s a major structural protein, forming molecular cables that strengthen the tendons and vast, resilient sheets that support the skin and internal organs. Each cell of our body has collagen. Collagen acts as the crucial support structure in tissues around which cells live and function. For example, bones and teeth are made by adding mineral crystals to collagen.

However, collagen production can be stimulated by peptides, chains of amino acids that are found naturally in the body. Stimulation by peptides makes possible to slow down the effects of aging and diminish facial wrinkles. That is why skin care products that contain peptides are the most effective anti-aging skin care treatments.

Peptides are simple proteins made up of only a few amino acids and they are often no more than digested proteins and most of them can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream without digestion or breakdown into individual amino acids. In the most of the cases, peptides work as neurotransmitters and as natural pain relieving substances in the brain.

The peptides used as skin care ingredients in wrinkle creams have communication properties and help acting as messengers at the cellular level. As messengers, these peptides can send signals that help stimulate the synthesis of collagen. It is because of collagen production stimulation that the use of peptides is considered one of the most effective anti aging treatment.


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