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Today we dedicate the blog to our new customers in Mexico:

The French skincare line MATRISKIN has finally arrived in the US, introducing extraordinary results thanks to its innovative ingredients, carefully selected and combined in order to restore all the properties that skin looses over the years.

The exclusive formula of MATRISKIN products sets itself apart from other products in the market because its produces immediate results due to its preventive, curative, and stabilizing properties.

The MATRISKIN technology combines two patented molecules, polysaccharides and ceramides, obtained through cutting-edge biotechnological processes. The result of this unique combination is an extensive range of products that fortify the protective function of the skin and restructure its many cell layers.

Matrsikin is a Comosceutical Skin Care Line. Cosmeceuticals refers to the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients purporting to have medical or drug-like benefits.

The bioactive ingredients used in cosmeceuticals have benefits beyond the traditional moisturizer.

We hope that all Mexicans begin to enjoy our products, any additional information you wish to be happy to serve you in:  info@matriskinamerica.com

Welcome and see you soon!

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Today, we focus our post in the relationship between a healthy and beautiful face and the food we eat.

What we eat makes a big difference not only in how we feel, but also on how we look. With a rich diet in essential nutrients, you will achieve healthy skin.

The basic nutrients that we must include in our diet are:

-       Vitamin A: It helps renewing the skin. It is found in foods like eggs, liver and dairy products.

-       Vitamin B: It is involved in the processes of cell renewal. It is present in most plant foods: vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, etc…

-       Vitamin C: It is a great antioxidant and it improves the production of collagen, an important protein to maintain healthy and wrinkle free skin. It is found in fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, oranges, lemons, green peppers…

-       Vitamin E: It has a strong antioxidant effect and prevents the accumulation of free radicals. It is found in olive oil, green leafy vegetables and nuts.

If you want to enjoy a healthy and beautiful skin, eat a balance diet avoiding saturated fats. Try eating raw vegetables and fruits, whole grains, grilled meats, etc…

It is also essential to stay hydrated drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and not abusing sun exposure.

If we complement the above with the appropriate products (Matriskin) suitable to you skin type, our face will look delightful!

See you Soon, Matriskin

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Matriskin and I….by Raquel Perera

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Today I have decided to be the person who, on this occasion enters our weekly post, as I want to share with you all, how Matriskin products came to me and how nowadays they are part of my life and my daily routine:

Until recently, I didn’t pay much attention to skin care, I didn’t use any creams and felt great skepticism towards the entire universe of cosmetics.

One day, few small spots appeared on my face, then I began to investigate and became interested in finding products that could help to cure a skin condition like the one I had. This is when I came across Matriskin, the French line of dermocosmetics that I distribute today.

Those spots disappeared from my face. I researched more about the brand and realized that Matriskin makes up a range of unique products with high concentrations of active ingredients. Next, I thought that just as Matriskin had helped me, it could help other people with various skin conditions, so I decided to distribute the brand in America and Spain.

As I have found myself, skin care doesn’t require much money or time, all it requires is perseverance; we all can learn to be consistent, it’s all about starting, and soon we will see the beauty that lies behind our skin.

In my Matriskin routine, 5 premises:

2 times a week Osmopell Mask, which softens the stains, revitalizes the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Every day, 5% Vitamin C Serum: it prevents the appearance of wrinkles, removes stains and brightens the skin; Hyaluronic Acid Gel, one of my favorites: facelift without going under the knife! NO-PAD eye contour: a miracle anti bags; And finally High Performance Cream, which keeps my skin hydrated.

Caring for our skin with the appropriate products is essential, but we must never forget that true beauty is constructed through a healthy and balanced lifestyle, a harmonious mood and an optimistic and positive vision of everything around us. This is the only way our inner state will reflect positively on our outside.

See you soon!

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Like any other activity, sunbathing can be good for health and leisure but it can also become a focus of physical problems.

The key, experts say, is responsible sunbathing at any time.

Among the main benefits of sunbathing, we find:

*        It is an excellent activity to avoid stress, to relax, to look better, and to raise self-esteem.

*        It provides vitamins. Sunbathing increases level of vitamin d in the blood.

*        It is good for your heart.

*        It is good for certain skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema. It also prevents osteoporosis.

However, we also want to review its risks:

*        It produces spots and wrinkles on the skin, being an important factor in skin aging.

*        The sun’s ultraviolet rays are a risk factor for skin cancer.

*        It can cause burns, irritations and damage to epidermal layer.

In general, these problems appear caused by irresponsible or abusive sun exposure, easily avoidable if we take into account three basic behavioral tips:

  1. Avoid sunbathing between 12.00 and 16.00.
  2. Use a sunscreen with the appropriate SPF factor for your skin type.
  3. Be aware of photo-toxic drugs, such as contraceptive pill, that might cause unsightly stains on the skin.

Be responsible and enjoy the sun!!

See you soon





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The Tanning History

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Summer is close and also our desire to be tan. Do you know how became to be tanned fashionable? In today’s post we will tell you about:

Designer Coco Chanel was the driving force,  this fashion followed for about 90 years. After a summer vacation on the French coast, she boasted about her tan in on

e of her fashion shows. From that moment this new style became fashionable: Being tan begins to be associated with money and good lifestyles.

In the 60′s, tan fashion reached its “end up“,  women used to have sun baths for long hours and without any protector.

It´s not until the 80′s, when we began to consider the harmful effects sun has on the skin, replacing the products until now used to enhance the tanning for those containing protection against sun UV filters.

From Matrsikin, we recommend sun exposure but always in a responsible manner: High sun protection and avoid sun exposure between 12:00 and 17.00 pm

See you soon!

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Don´t miss Matriskin on People Español “The 50 Most Beautiful”

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Paulina Rubio & Matriskin

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As you already Know Matriskin has generated a lot of buzz over the last few years, partly due to its popularity among celebrities who have been sharing its miraculous properties with their admirers.

“ What I like the most is that the texture is light and that it penetrates quickly into my skin. They are perfect products to correct the first signs of aging and furthermore to prevent that these continue getting worse.”

Paulina Rubio

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The skin needs good products to look beautiful and healthy . However,  around us there are many myths about skin care, most cases far from reality.
Today we intend  to clarify some of these myths:
1) Use a moisturizer prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

FALSE! Moisturizers help keep skin hydrated but to prevent the appearance of wrinkles it is necessary to use anti-aging creams that have formulas specifically developed for this purpose.
2) The more you apply the better the results

FALSE! It´s not truth the more you apply the better results.  Concerning Matriskin products, a little amount of product is enough to have results.
3) The sunscreen is only for the summer or the beach.

FALSE! Solar radiation is present every day of the year, although it´s not as noticeable as in the hottest months , it does not mean they do not reach our Skin. We recommend  sunscreen daily in order to avoid possible skin problems in the future.
4) If you eat fatty foods or chocolate you get pimples.

FALSE!  There is no scientific evidence that this is so, if it is true that eating a balanced diet helps maintain healthy skin. But today has not been demonstrated with these foods a cause - effect directly.  If you have oily skin with acne we recommend the use of specific treatments that combat this condition. (See our treatment)

Do you know any other false myth and want to share it with us? We await your comments!


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